One of the ways we connect here at Harbourview Community Church is on our own Social Media Network Called The Table.

The Table is to extend our interactions beyond our church engagements to anytime – anywhere. This is not a platform to replace personal interactions, but to enhance or develop what we have or could potentially have.

It has a great prayer function. You can post anytime – anywhere and at once the request goes to all in our church who have joined the Table. As they acknowledge your call for prayer it lets you know that they have responded.

It includes an online directory with pictures to help you recognize folks as you meet them. You add your interests and it helps you find others that share the same hobbies, past times, and passions.  Simple to use, and it’s fun to stay connected and always informed.

Join The Table with our secret code and fill in your profile.

Need the code? Click here: to send an email request.

 Watch the videos below and see what it’s all about.