Greetings Church! As many of us have become aware the community youth I’ve had a wonderful opportunity to get the space they hoped for.

Let’s continue to pray for Cam, Candice and their family as they work towards fulfilling what God has called them to do right here in Esquimalt. Here are three prayer requests from Cam excerpted from his The Community Youth newsletter.

“Well, I have exciting news to report that we may have found a potential space for the youth ministry. Rather, I should say, I believe God is directing us to a space for The Community Youth Ministry in Esquimalt

1. Obviously, we are all quite excited about this space. Please pray for God’s will to be done and His Kingdom to come in this situation. We feel that this is what God desires for The Community in this time yet we want to always walk before Him with our hands open, palms up–whatever he wants to put in our hands, whatever he wants to take, he is Lord, we are but his servants.

2. We are going to be meeting with the owner again over the coming weeks and are praying that we can come to a financial arrangement that blesses both parties involved and that is seen as an investment in Kingdom work.

3. As you are aware, Esquimalt is home to a few small churches who do not have the resources to finance this project alone. We are seeking partnerships with others who may want to contribute to this space that will be focused, as The Community youth ministry has always been, on youth living life in all its fullness in Jesus Christ (John 10:10). Please pray for miraculous provision from the Lord and pray to see if he may be calling you to be a part of that provision.

I can’t give all the details on the space and financial arrangements as we don’t have all those details yet but we will give you more details as we know and are able. Until then, please keep us all and this situation in prayer!

May more and more youth in Esquimalt live the full and abundant life that only Jesus Christ gives (John 10:10)!”

Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash