As we have uncovered some of the wealth of the 1 Peter there is much still to be caught in this deep lake of knowledge from which Peter writes.     Living in close proximity to Jesus Christ for more than three years had provided the apostle Peter the best possible example of what it looked like to live in holiness amid a hostile world.  Therefore Peter was not averse to cover the topic extensively:   We receive the benefit of his close brush ups with Jesus.


As I look at our culture and world today, I recognize that unjust or unforeseen suffering is one of the great problems that grips the hearts of people today. We struggle with frustration, anger, and uncertainty when trials strange and unexpected land on our doorsteps. Too often in those most difficult moments of our lives, confusion reigns while contentment wanes; questions arise while prayer subsides.  So . . .. the million dollar questions is How do you react when suffering comes?

Many crumble at the mere thought of another pain or trial. Others rise to the occasion. Most of us are probably somewhere in between. Peter’s encouragement to his Christian readers is one of perseverance in faith. It isn’t enough for us to simply get up every morning and trudge through each day; neither is it advisable to paste a smile on our faces and ignore troubles. Instead, the lesson of 1 Peter is to push through the troubles, recognizing their temporary presence in our lives while walking in holiness and hope as people of faith.   Jesus modeled that lifestyle. So Peter points his readers in the best possible direction, to Jesus Himself.


So press on! It is in the darkest times that our collective light shines brightest.  God is faithful.


Pastor Paul