The 6th Annual Happy Feet Back to School Party

Sunday, Aug 28th, starting at 11:30 am pick up tickets before the event at 511 Constance Ave Esquimalt.

Pick up your shopping time on the day of the event Aug 28th after 9:30 am.

When you pick up your shopping time you receive an items card for each child from preschool to grade 5 and a raffle ticket for the draws.

As each item is received as you shop your items card will be updated.

Shopping time is limited to approximately 30 min.

Each card has 3 pairs of socks, 1 pair of shoes, and 1 backpack.

1 of each: scissors, pencil crayons etc.


Our raffle this year is for 5 bikes, 6 scooters (and one rogue Christmas tree).

Name and phone number will be entered on the ticket and placed in the bucket by the item you hope to win. The tickets are drawn randomly for the winners of each item at the end of the event.

Winners will be called to pick up their prize. We ask for photos to be shared of the winners.