Online Directory with the ability to update your own info

The address page allows logged-in users to search for people within the church and view their address details.  Logged-in users can use the Account page to edit their household and add people to it.

Give from your phone

The giving page allows you to give directly from your phone, anytime, anywhere.

Find LIFE Groups

This will show all your small groups. For logged-in users, the “My Group” button lists the address details of the user’s group.


The sermons page lists your sermons that have been uploaded and allows playback in the app.

See the News

View the latest blog posts.

View and send prayer requests

Prayer requests show the latest prayer request and allow users to send a prayer request for moderation if they are not admin-level users.

Bible Readings

Follow along with Bible readings of the current message series

Calendar of Events

Always be up to date on the latest happenings

Volunteer Schedule in your hand

The Schedule page shows this week’s schedule of jobs. Other services can be chosen and the “My Schedule” button offers a logged-in user their schedule involvement over the next period.

See the setup video