Have you ever felt like you should say something other than I’ll pray for you? Have you wanted to pray or someone but were not sure how to? If you have ever felt this way or wanted to learn more about how to pray for healing and deliverance this opportunity is for you.

The 5 Step Prayer Model

The 5 Step Prayer Model is not a scientific formula, fool-proof methodology, or magical incantation. Rather, it is an intentional way of praying for others, from a posture of listening to the Holy Spirit, that provides a “track to run on” for those desiring to see God move in power as they pray.

At its essence, the 5 Step Prayer Model is a relational, interactive way of praying for others as we listen to the Holy Spirit – a process that begins and ends with mercy toward the person requesting prayer, and that seeks both God’s will and God’s best for the person being prayed for. It is also relational in the sense that we are leaning heavily on our intimate relationship with God as we pray, welcoming Him to speak insights into our heart or mind that would directly impact the person being prayed for.

Harbourview Church is offering an eight week course for a small number of interested participants, that will include a teaching time and a clinic time where the practical application of the instruction is applied.


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