Market Volunteer

Frequency of Volunteering
Do you have a current Criminal Record Check?
Do you have a Food Safety Certificate?

Some Market Tasks

  • Market set up – tents and tables, unload deliveries
  • Market Takedown – clean up, wipe tables, put tents and tables away
  • Sorting produce
  • Box breakdown

Typical Saturday Morning

We set up on Saturdays at 8:00 am with a few volunteers.

The first load of groceries arrives about that time.

At 9 am the rest of the volunteers arrive to begin sorting. The music goes on!

Tickets are pulled randomly out of a bucket with shopping times for customers.  The first group of 10 shoppers is asked to return at 10:50 am and every other group of 10 is 15 minutes apart. Our last shopping time is at 12:35 pm.

Our volunteers wear gloves if handling any food. Shoppers have to keep 2 M apart. The tickets keep the lineup short; not more than 8 at most, usually less.

We have our socially distanced huddle, a short prayer and volunteers head to their assigned spots to serve out the food.

Our Shopper’s hands are sanitized before they shop. They are not allowed to touch any food but point to what they want. We have a table in front of the food items to maintain a distance. We aim to have as few people as possible in the parking lot at any time.

Any larger quantities of food leftover that will keep for Monday we return to LE. Everything is packed up and stored. We do it all over again next week.