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My LifeVerse

“Lord, I am not worthy to have you come into my home.
Just say the word from where you are, and my servant will be healed .. ”
– Matthew 8:8 –

My LifeNotes

The Roman Centurion in Matthew chapter 8 was an accomplished military leader
who was both under authority and given much authority, and as such,
recognized the unique authority of Jesus Christ and humbly yet confidently introduced
(though God never needs an introduction)
and entrusted the life or death needs of his critically ill servant to Him.

Perhaps nowhere in the Bible is the authority and submission
to the One Authority, the Father, by Christ, more evident
than at the conclusion of His Spirit-led 40 day fast in the wilderness.
Jesus was well past the point where most, if not all of us, would become easily overwhelmed . .
and most vulnerable to Satanic lies and temptation . . all of which could be summed up by:
“You have been hung out to dry by your Father in heaven – why not “be the boss of you”
and take matters into your own hands?”
Jesus didn’t yield . . nor did He stop there . .
He provided a way of escape for us in our seasons of greatest exposure and fear through a prayer
that was and is designed to be the blueprint for daily victory IN, and more importantly,
THROUGH the life of authentic Christ-followers .


Father in heaven .. may your Kingdom come. may your will be done,
on earth as it is heaven .. give us this day our daily bread ..
– Matthew 6:9-11 –



My LifeLesson

The “Lord’s Prayer” functions as the Believer’s blueprint
for 3 critical ingredients in a God-honoring purpose-filled life:
1) The Father in Heaven is The Trustworthy Authority in every aspect of our everyday life,
2) He can be and wants to be depended on as The Sustainer of our everyday life,
and 3) we are the conduit, not just the destination,
of His manifest Kingdom on earth, as it is in heaven

God is willing to be our “whole”, our “full”.and most importantly, our “go” . .
or perhaps better put, our words of hope and our touch of help and healing
to the broken and bruised within range of our life.

Something to think about when it seems so much easier
to drift towards a lifestyle of . . “being the boss of you”.



My LifePrayer

“Father in heaven .. in this very day, may your Kingdom come.
may your will be done in and through my life.
Help me to have nothing less than “just say the word” faith
in You and You alone. Amen”

How is God encouraging you today?