God calls us to be in community with one another. But do small churches need small groups? After all, the existence of an authentic community can be taken for granted when numbers are small and everyone seems to know everyone else—or can it?

As much as I love gathering with the whole of the local church for corporate worship, there is something powerfully unique about an intimate gathering around a living room a small classroom or a dining room table that forces us to think differently than when we are in the sanctuary for a time of preaching. Small groups are where much of the theology taught in our pulpits begins to be fleshed out in conversation and action.

As believers, we all need to be accountable to one another for our words, our thoughts, our choices, and our actions. No matter the size of the congregation, being able to do life together with all of its ups and downs, struggles and celebrations, questions and answers, order and chaos-is what God intended when he created the world.

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When we are living in a Biblical community, intentionally growing those relationships with one another and with God, we have no choice but to be a work in progress be God’s work in progress. The best way for people to experience life transformation is when it happens in a small-group setting. There can be interaction, caring, support, and accountability in a dynamic setting where people are engaged in the process, and for us as a smaller church, small groups can bring much-needed spiritual momentum, growth, renewal, and rebirth.


We want our Harbourview Church to be on mission together, “Following Jesus by serving our community”


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