Hello Market volunteers,

We are planning to open the market again on April 4th.  As you know the conditions in which we will be serving are different than they were last time we distributed groceries. It is imperative that everyone stays healthy. To do this we need to be especially keen on physical distancing of 2 m or 6 ft and always wearing gloves at all times while at the market.

All volunteers will keep their distance while at the market. The pavement will be marked with 6 ft. intervals for our patrons to stand safely apart.

Groceries will be bagged in the sorting area, placed on a table a safe distance from a table which will be used for grocery pick up.

A volunteer will place a bag on the pickup table and then retreat back to the prepared bag table. The customer will grab their bag and move on while the next customer waits 2 m away.  A new bag is placed and the next client approaches and so on.

This will require some additional work for us, volunteers, to sort and bag. Since we will not be serving our patrons as we did before, the extra bagging can be taken care of by those volunteers.

For a time we will not be using the numbering system we have in the past due to heightened chances of contamination.   We also will not have access to Neighbourhood House for kitchen or restrooms at this time.

Are you ready? Let me know by signing up at  https://www.harbourviewchurch.com/harbourview-church-marketplace-schedule/?sheet_id=3    or give me a call 250-213-7284.